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How to Install Fusion Kodi Addon Installer

by Henry Emmanuel

Add-ons are actually the reason why Kodi stands out among its peers. Anything less than this would’ve left it “dead” on arrival. Thankfully, the media player app brings a slew of them, both official and unofficial, so you won’t run out of stream. Music, Live Sports and Movie add-ons aside, Kodi also supports utility and maintenance addons and this is one of the things that makes it effective. Now, instead of going through the hassles of looking up for each addons individually, you can simply use Fusion to quicken things up. Once a victim of a lawsuit and “rising from its own ashes” like a Phoenix, fusion is back, and it’s ‘regarded’ as the mother of all kodi addons.

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As a beginner, Kodi will surely “wow” you when installed for the first time. Now sideload fusion into it, and you’ll break the boundary that separates you from popular Kodi add-ons. Confused? Don’t be. Fusion is simply a Kodi addon installer that ‘links’ users to repositories consisting of every kodi addons in existence. In other words, it is ‘among’ the best sources to discover new kodi repos that contains popular add-ons. With that said already, we’ll show you the steps to install fusion on Kodi and how to use it to install other popular Kodi add-ons.

Enable Unknown Sources

Before we go into the how to thing, we’ll need to ensure that installation of third-party addons are enabled on Kodi. For a professional who have “previously” had addons installed, chances are “Unknown Sources” is already enabled. For newbies, here’s how to verify and enable it if disabled. Directly from Kodi home screen, click onSettings” (the small gear icon at the top left). Then select System Settings” followed by “Add-ons” . From here, click to toggle on “Unknown Sources”. Then select “Yes” from the warning message that will pop-up.


Installing Fusion On Kodi

Tvaddons fusion installer may be termed an add-on, but it comes with a completely different approach that’s amazing. Unlike normal add-ons that are “known” to allow users watch movies, fusion simply serves as a ‘source” for downloading repositories and “popular” add-ons. So if you have had “Unknown Sources” enabled already, then let’s quickly install fusion on your Kodi.

To begin with, fire up Kodi and ensure you are on the home screen. From there, click on the “Settings” icon at the top-left corner, then click on “File manager”.


On the next window that will appear, go ahead and select “Add source” in the left pane.


Now click <None> on the pop-up dialogue box that says “Add file source”.


Once done, enter the following source path http://fusion.tvaddons.co without omitting any letters or symbols. Then click OK.


From the next page, ensure to give the media source a name. For this, simply choose something that is relevant. ‘Fusion‘ is acceptable. Click OK once done. That’s it, you’ve successfully added fusion on Kodi.


Now navigate all the way back to Kodi home screen and click on the “Add-ons” option located at the left pane.


On the next page, click on the Package Installer icon” (i.e the little open box at the top left of the screen).


From here, select “Install from Zip file” and choose “Fusion” on the next screen that’ll appear. (Remember, fusion is the name we gave the source we added a while back).


Upon clicking it, you’ll be presented with fusion’s main directory. As of writing this article, they are categorised into three namely; begin-here, kodi-repos and kodi-scripts. So let’s quickly walk you through them.

Kodi fusion

Exploring Fusion on Kodi

Now that we have guided you through tvaddons fusion installer and you have seen what it contains, let’s quickly tour you around. The first option which says “begin-here” is where you will find indigo, a great alternative to fusion itself. It’s one of the most versatile and popular add-on installer that is mainly used to manage other add-ons on Kodi.


We won’t bore you with long talks here, as we have already detailed everything about indigo in our previous article. Simply get access to it by clicking here. Now once you jump into the begin-here folder and select the indigo zip file, you’d get to see it installed in no time.

The second option that reads “kodi-repos” is where you’ll find contents that will stun you. They are divided into three parts; English, International, Xxx-adult each with its own contents.


For example, when you access the English sub-section, you’d get to see that it contains over 25 repositories that can be installed, and each hosts several add-ons. Same follows with the International and XXX-adult category. Just explore the options, and once you find what you are looking for, simply click on the zip file to get it installed.

Wrapping Up

Fusion can help jumpstart your Kodi experience. It typically serves as a bridge or gateway to Kodi add-ons and I’d say it is one of the first tool to install if you are getting started with Kodi. Personally, the wide array of addons and repositories on fusion is what makes it extremely popular. Even though it doesn’t bring a user friendly way of installing add-ons, it’s still a great source to find tons of add-ons to install. Just know what you are looking for and its location, then your overall experience with fusion Kodi installer will be a pleasant one.

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