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Best Sites Like Kingdom Leaks to Download Leaked Albums

by Henry Emmanuel

The world alongside technology is changing and developing lightning fast. While some may think it’s for the better, others think contrary. They do say the world is changing for the ‘worst but no matter how you see things, we are certainly going somewhere. In today’s era, leaks happen. Movies gets leaked before they hit the theatre and music isn’t an exception. It is actually safe to say that leaks has been happening for more than 20 years, but they are ‘highly’ prominent these days. Digital albums leaks several months before their planned release date, and you do get the chance to download them on sites like kingdom leaks.

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Yeah I know that look, it “probably” means you haven’t heard nor accessed the site before. So to clear the air, we will reveal everything you’d ever want to know “about” the aforementioned site. Kingdom leaks “spawned” as a result of a crazy vision a guy had. The overall ‘idea’ was to create a place where people with all” kinds” of musical tastes and “background” can come and talk about good tunes. Not long after, it single-handedly emerged as the largest leak sites on the internet and this was all thanks to the fact that it allows users to download leaked alVisit Rutrackerbums for free. Kingdom leaks is cool no doubt, but its rules can be totally annonying. So with this in mind, we decided to list some good alternatives.

1. Rutracker


We kick-off with rutracker, one of the largest Russian language BitTorrent tracker that hosts a colossal number of torrent files and magnet links. For one thing, rutracker is ideal for pirates. Users who are addicted to online piracy can painlessly find anything within the site, no matter its niche, how old, obscure or pass√© it is. Just like kingdom leaks, rutracker looks much like a forum but has torrents. It boasts a ton of contents you won’t find on other private trackers and aside from movies, TV shows, books, softwares and documentaries, you’ll get to find a slew of leaked music albums within the platform.

Coming to the user interface, rutracker nailed it completely. Although there are commercials here and there, you do hardly see pop-up and users seeds torrents for a very long time which limits dead links and makes the site convenient and reliable. Rutracker’s “navigation” is one of the best out there, and the search bar comes in handy if you’re looking for a particular music. Overall, rutracker is a good alternative to the highly acclaimed kingdom leaks, and you’d find it useful when looking for indie folk albums.

Visit Rutracker

2. Leakth.is


Things will leak when they leak. That’s what leakth believes in. Apparently, when you log into the site for the first time, you’d think you are accessing kingdom leaks. Every look and feel of the site looks similar, from design to theme as well as forum section. But the only downside is that there are certain features on kingdom leaks that aren’t yet present on leakth. Cons aside, Leakth is heaven. Its journey initially started on reddit, then, it was known as Rapleaks. But following a few DMCA takedown request, the moderators behind the subreddit launched a new community to post album leaks without fear of infringement.

By so doing, the culture was maintained and today, leakth is looking to stand out among its folks by providing a home for users to obtain album leaks and talk about music related stuffs. On leakth, you’d get to find music from different genres. Be it metal, rap, hippop, electro etc; they have it all. Downloading music on the site requires registration, and if you’re a hard-core fan, I do suggest you donate for the site’s upkeep which will in turn give you special access to upgrades that includes uploading a profile cover, skipping unlock prerequisites and getting your names highlighted. It’s really a go-to when kingdom leak fails.

Visit Leakth

3. HasItLeaked


Digital Leaks are often linked together with copyright infringement, but HasItLeaked has decided to take a completely different approach and this is all geared towards users looking to stay legal. Talks aside, HasItLeaked is a music hype community and online magazine that discusses and reports every informations related to upcoming albums. It is no place for leak downloaders since it doesn’t provide download links. Instead, it aims to limit scams that comes in form of survey fill out and credit card submission by letting users know when there favourites artist’s album is unofficially out so that they can pre-order it. The site vision is literally commendable, and it’s regarded as a legal alternative to kingdom leaks.

Visit HasItLeaked


Album leaks is a big part of today’s music scene. It’s a tradition that originated in the 90’s and can never be stopped. Halting it means putting a stop to internet, mp3s and file sharing itself and this is obviously impossible. Music freaks seek out ways to get their favourite artist music as early as possible, and the above listed site can provide you with all you need. Combine them together and like their Facebook page and you do be the first soul to tell your friends about an upcoming album.

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