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7 Cool Uses of USB OTG On Android

by Editor

USB On-The-Go or as they say OTG, is one of the most awesome feature of an Android phone. The advent of OTG in 2001 opened many doors to a lot of functionality in an Android phone. Basically, USB OTG enables our mobile devices to communicate or talk with each other. In the early days, a mobile could only connect with a PC/Mac but with the help of USB OTG, it is possible for mobile devices to connect to each other and that’s not the end. You can enable your device to act as a USB host which means that it will be the boss of other devices. For instance, when you attached a mice or keyboard to any USB OTG supported device, then the device that supplies the power is often referred to as the host, while the other is called the slave. The good news however is that there are a number of cool things you can do with USB OTG. So checkout the 7 best uses of USB OTG on Android.

1. Connecting USB Storage Device

Phone connected with Pendrive using OTG
This can be useful when you have some data on a storage device and you want that particular data in your phone. You can just simply connect the USB Flash drive or Hard disk to your phone using an OTG cable and then transfer the data. You can also play songs or movies directly from the storage device without having to move it on the phone.

2. Connecting Keyboards or Mouse

Mouse connected with android device using USB OTG
Ever wanted to navigate your phone with a mouse? Well not a problem, you just have to connect your mouse to your mobile device and you are good to go. This can come in handy in situations like when your touch screen is not working. You can also connect your keyboard to the mobile device or tablet to convert it into a mini laptop.

3. Connecting MIDI Keyboard

Guitar connected with Android device using USB OTG.
Want to create serious music on your Android device? USB OTG lets you connect most of the modern musical instruments like keyboard and guitars to your Android device using  MIDI standard. Although to use this feature you might need some music instrument specific app.

4. Connecting Game Controllers

Gaming controller connected with Android device using USB OTG.
The Android gaming industries is booming with high graphic games coming in every year, the only difference that remained between console and mobile gaming is also bridged by USB OTG by enabling mobile devices to connect to a gaming console. By using this you can really enhance the experience of racing and shooter games. Mostly all the controllers will work directly, but some might need a rooted phone.

5. Controlling DSLR(s) With Your Phones

DSLR connected with Android device using USB OTG.

Digital Single Lensed Reflex Camera or DSLR Camera offers top class image quality and that is the reason it is preferred by many photographers. But what if you could control it with your Android device thereby twisting its manual controls and using them for stuff like zoom control, shutter speed etc. Well you can do all that with USB OTG but you must have an Android application to help you.

6. Printing Documents

Printer connected with Android device using USB OTG.

In early days when you want to print a document, you would have to use a computer but now with the help of USB OTG you can easily connect your smartphone directly to your printer however you will need an android app to assist you with that.

7. Charging Other Phones

An Android device connected with another Android device using USB OTG.
It is one of the interesting features of OTG where you can charge an android device using another android device. The device directly connected to the USB OTG cable will act as the USB host and will charge the other device using its own battery. This feature can really be helpful when you need to charge your phone urgently but you don’t have a socket around.

Final Words

USB OTG has made our smartphones smarter by introducing a lot of features that makes life easier in many different ways. Although there maybe a lot of uses of USB OTG but these are some of the best. If you know any other cool uses of USB OTG than the ones listed above, then do tell us in the comment section and don’t forget to share this article with your friends, telling​ them about the various uses of USB OTG on Android phones.

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