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14 Best Websites to Download Films for Free

by Henry Emmanuel

Download filmsEvery single thing in life actually brings its own disadvantages and advantages. But if the pros “outrightly” outranks the cons, then that invention is undoubtedly worth using. They say people don’t read anymore, that watching films is someone else’s vision. But here’s the truth, reading isn’t the only thing that allows us to use our imaginations.

Films are meant to give its viewers that fear and pleasure they’ve when they wake up from nightmare. It is quite funny, but they do have tremendous influence in shaping our lives. Films like Coco makes us ‘believe’ sometimes, it is a fad that reminds us of how important love and family is. Talks aside, if you are bored watching films on your television, then it is time to ‘shift’ to your smartphone or PC. With that said, here are the best websites to download films for free.

Site URL Description
YouTube.com Lets users watch videos and music and they can upload original contents too.
Viki.com One of the best hub to watch Asian TV shows and movies for free.
CrunchyRoll.com The most popular platform to discover tons of anime episodes with option to stream them for free.
Netflix.com The biggest video streaming service that allows users to watch movies and TV shows online.
Egy.best An egyptian own site that brings latest film releases in HD quality.
Pahe.in Provides a slew of HQ movies at affordable size and they can be downloaded without registration.
Crackle.com Sony’s own movie streaming platform. Allows users to watch unedited and uncut Hollywood films for free.
Fzmovies.net A feature-rich portal for downloading Bollywood and Hollywood movies with English subtitles for free.
Shaanig.se Prides itself as the number one portal to download or watch movies, anime and TV shows online.
Housemovie.to Brings daily update of Hollywood movies and TV shows from different genres.
Einthusan.tv Actually the best south asian streaming content provider. Offers a slew of full-length feature films in on-demand superior HD.
Viu.com Provides the latest premium Korean dramas, variety shows and other Asian programs for free.
Hdencode.com The best place to discover tons of high definition releases with good quality but large size.
Psarips.in Boasts of extremely large number of movies and TV shows with direct download link.

Wrapping Up

Films are essential, they make us feel something and equally helps us forget gloomy days. With love, we went through the web and came up with the best sites to download films for free. For one thing, the above listed websites aren’t ranked in any particular order since they bring separate features that makes them unique. So go ahead and download most of your favourite films.

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