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Top Sites Like TamilGun to Download Tamil Movies

by Henry Emmanuel

From the very first Hindi movie you may have watched to the latest Bollywood films of today, you will certainly agree with me that Indian’s prolific history of movie making is just amazing. The country has produced many world-class films like Baahubali and most of them have received both national and international acclaims. While Indian movies are often slapped under the BollywAlso Read: Tamilrockers Review: The Most Notorious Site to Download Tamil Moviesood section, thousands of movies in regional languages like Tamil gets unnoticed probably because they fall under the lesser famous industry dubbed kollywood.

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Tamil movies are greatly awesome even though they don’t get their rightful due. Just like what we see on most Hindi movies, Tamil films are filled with interesting musicals “captured” in beautiful settings. They really appeal to a “variety” of audiences and that is probably because each movie has more than one genre and some includes action, mystery, love, comedy, romance and drama. Now if you are a movie freak, chances are you have probably come across tamilgun whilst looking for a content-rich website to download tamil movies.

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Tamilgun is actually among the most popular platform to download and watch tamil movies for free. The site once brought an extremely large number of contents which sadly, fell under the legally murky arena. So in a bit to curb piracy, it was shutdown and this was after the arrest of its founder. Now being aware of how users cherish the site, we decided to list some cool tamilgun alternatives that you can call a home and trust me, they’re much more better and equally awesome.

1. Einthusan


If you are a regular reader here on techviola, you will “notice” that we have being referring users to einthusan. This is because we regard the site as the number one south asian hub for streaming tons of tamil movies that aren’t on Netflix and Hulu combined. Einthusan is simply a free video galore with cheap premium option. In other words, it offers a “huge” collection of south asian films that doesn’t only include tamil but hindi, punjabi, chinese and telugu movies. Einthusan’s unique approach is quite commendable and it’s surprising that its library of over 4000+ contents are free to stream. Besides, if you think watching tamil movies online on einthusan wastes your data plan a lot, then you can easily use this guide to download them for offline viewing.

Visit Einthusan.tv

2. Eros Now


Eros Now is regarded as one of the hottest rival of Netflix in India. It’s obviously a video-on-demand service that offers a good selection of south Asian movies. Its slew of contents includes Hindi, Tamil and other regional indian films. Aside from this, Eros Now let’s users listen to official soundtracks drawn from top Bollywood movies. Unlike the now dead Tamilgun, erosnow isn’t completely free but you’d be glad to hear that it’s a legal option. With just $7, you’ll get access to more than 11,000 titles that include movies, TV series, music videos and 2.5 lakhs music tracks. The premium plan also allows users to enjoy functionality-enhanced HD streaming plus the ability to download shows and create custom playlists. You can try it’s 14 days free trial to see how reliable it is.

Visit Eros Now

3. Dabang


We aren’t gonna deny it, dabang is one of the most content-rich website on the internet and it’s literally a good alternative to tamilgun. Dabang is obviously a popular platform designed to allow users download Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Punjabi movies for free. The site brings a wide array of contents that are too overwhelming. With little or no pop-up ads, dabang allows users to stream all sorts of Asian movies . The site’s user interface is simple to navigate as you’d get to see tons of newest releases directly from the homepage. It’s really a must see.

Visit Dabang.pk

Wrapping Up

I know you’ll likely be disappointed that we did not “list” up to ten (10) tamilgun alternatives. But you do know good things are hard to find. Unlike several sites that claims to offer free tamil movies, the one’s we listed above is absolutely the best. They’re reliable, content-rich and their streaming/downloading speed is second to none. A quick Google search will reveal a colossal number of sites claiming to be tamilgun alternatives, but they’re mostly scam, filled with pop-up ads that can infect your PC with malware. Before now, tamilyogi was once a very good site like Tamilgun, but due to its illegality, it was shutdown. So make use of the above listed sites, you’ll never for once miss tamilgun again.

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